Avoid Divisive Arguments

I’m venturing out on thin ice here and I’m certain I’ve posted about this topic previously. However with the mid-term elections upon us and the 2024 campaigns ramping up, it’s time to consider our role as political activists vs. our role as Christ ambassadors. It is possible to do both, but ultimately, one “trumps” the other, and that is where the lines get blurred.

There may be nothing more divisive in the church than a good old-fashioned political debate. Nothing stirs the heated passions more than a face off with someone with opposing views. “This party backs abortion so a Christian can’t support them” or “that party stands for greed and profit so a Christian can’t vote for them”. It is such that even within the loving confines of Christian brotherhood, lines are drawn in the sand-you’re either with us or against us. How can this be among believers? Where in holy scripture are we given permission to label each other based on our voting records?

Don’t misunderstand me, many gave their lives for us to have the freedom and the right to support, campaign and vote for our choice of public officers and I defend that right. But long before, one man gave his life to unite us all under his blood as siblings and children of God first and foremost. Christ gave his life for all who would vote Democrat and those who vote Republican or Independent. Our ultimate salvation is through Jesus Christ alone, and not a red or blue administration. Where we often miss this is when we put our welfare in the hands of a politically corrupt man made system of government, not in the God who dresses the flowers in the fields. If we are in despair and worried because our guy or party isn’t in control, we are in essence guilty of idolatry, trusting in something or someone other than God for our future welfare.

I am appalled at the various social media posts that pop up from those I know to be Christian. The tone and even the terminology often sound anything but Christian. It is fine, if one is so inclined, to espouse an opinion without using divisive terms or phrases that offend others who share different views. Whether Liked or not, all of your followers will see these posts. Can you disagree with a loving tone, or must your language degrade and exclude anyone in disagreement with your position? Can you support a platform without the visceral reactions from a carnal nature? There are many faithful believers who vote Republican. There are just as many believers who vote Democrat. There are many believers who abstain from the process completely. Is any one group more or less faithful? I would challenge you to show me a scripture that supports that. I find just the opposite:

2 Timothy 2:23; Again I say don’t get involved in foolish ignorant arguments that only start fights.

Romans 16:17; I appeal to you brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no divisions among you…

Romans 14:13; Therefore let’s not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block in the way of a brother.

We all have our own personal convictions based on our history and life experiences when it comes to voting. We are not all called to vote the same. That said, we can not allow the enemy to use those differences to conquer and divide us in the faith. Our ultimate citizenship is not of this earth or any particular country, but rather in Heaven ( Philippians 3:20). God knew in advance that our world and mankind would need saving long before there were any man made political systems were formed. In the end political administrations won’t save you. Only the blood of Christ which unites us can do that. Peace, safety, security and hope are all freely provided through belief in Christ as our eternal savior, and not a political party. And when the man made governing systems no longer exist, our eternity with Jesus and our love for each other will last forever.

“ By this will all men know that you are my disciples; (not by how you vote) by how you show love for each other.”

I love all who read this and I pray you understand my intent to be united in Christ while embracing our different views.


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